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TIME: 2012/5/5 7:58:25

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TIME: 2012/5/5 7:56:31

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TIME: 2012/5/5 7:52:53

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TIME: 2012/5/5 7:50:02

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TIME: 2012/5/5 7:44:42

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TIME: 2008/4/19 14:03:11

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TIME: 2008/4/19 4:08:47

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TIME: 2008/4/18 19:07:40

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TIME: 2008/4/18 6:13:18

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TIME: 2008/4/17 23:21:18

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As long as the finish of the fixture is complimentary or matching to the surface the lamp will rest on, the material can be chosen by taste,

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